About us

SE-GES is a Romanian company, fully owned by Balkan Accession Fund (BAF), able to offer the best financial, operational and environmental benefits available on the market related to energy efficiency projects.

The company was established in 2004 by Romanian-American Enterprise Fund (RAEF).

The combination of high quality services and latest technology gives to our clients a single port of call for any business looking to implement Gas to Power (G2P), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies, as well as for the green energy generation area (photovoltaic, biomass, biogas).

SE-GES owns currently a network of distributed power generation units that provide additional heat, cooling or other energy related services like stand by power generation. The network is monitored both locally and remote. A specialized service team is providing both preventive and corrective maintenance along with the original equipment suppliers.

SE-GES employs over 30 engineers, technicians and trained operators as well as managers and financial officers who are involved in project development, project management, operation and maintenance, as well as IT.

SE-GES is fully compliant with the standard SR EN ISO 9001, environmental standard SR EN 1SO 14001 and HSE standard SR OHSAS 18001.

Please, watch a video presentation of SE-GES on YouTube

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