We strongly believe in a long-term future and a sustainable growth on the energy market, based on our ability to provide a multitude of financial, operational and environmental benefits.

Financial benefits:

  • Reduce client’s Energy bill;
  • Release capital for core activities: no investment effort and risks on client’s behalf;
  • Stabilize the risks associated with increasing electricity prices in your business over a fixed period;
  • No debt on client’s balance - sheet

Operational benefits:

  • Improved security of electrical supply
  • Improved security of heat supply
  • Having a dedicated source of producing cheap energy (and reserve capacity) with favorable environmental impact
  • Focus on your core business: we can operate and maintain the plant over a long term, enabling you to benefit from the rewards of Cogeneration or other Energy Plant
  • No operational risks

Environmental benefits:

  • Contribute to the global environmental improvement by reducing fossil fuel usage
  • Reduces the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions, in particular carbon dioxide CO2
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