Financial Services

SE-GES provides both financial and technical services for its clients. One financial scheme used by the company is defined by the BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) contracts.

  • Build - SE-GES is providing turn-key projects, including the necessary expertise and the financing scheme: technical assistance, designing, contracting, construction and commissioning for energy efficiency projects;
  • Own - SE-GES would own the assets for a limited period of time (depending also on clients wish) until the investment is recovered and the assets fully depreciated accounting wise; the advantage: it would be an off-balance sheet liability for the client
  • Operate - SE-GES will operate the energy efficiency assets for the entire contract period and will maintain the assets according to high quality standards;
  • Transfer - by the end of the contracting period, SE-GES will transfer the energy efficiency assets to the client while providing further technical assistance upon request.

Under the BOOT scheme, the client would buy the energy at lower prices than market (currently paid to the traditional suppliers), splitting with SE-GES the savings realized by the efficient generation of heat, power and cooling.

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